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Two very individual specs!

....made for customers in UK! Just a couple of examples of what can be done! Firstly an Ideal Gazelle for a big man and a big horse. This is a 19", deepest seat version of this comfortable & secure saddle in black and finished with white piping & stitching and...

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Ramsay ready to go!

Just posted a lovely Ramsay, 15" W in Sala on our "Offers" page. Brand new, this Ramsay has hide covered flaps, suede seat, no knee rolls and is the deepest seat version of this classic show saddle.

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Saddles with Short Panels

A notable theme this year have been requests for shorter panels than standard. A decision to be taken with care(!) but it can be done! Here is a good example. It is a 16 1/2" Suzannah made with 16" panels. For comparison, included are photos of a standard 16 1/2"...

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Three new saddle offers posted!

Yes, I've just posted three new saddles on our "Offers" page Saddle Offers They are..... Ideal Finesse Show Saddle 17 1/2" W in 2 tone black & military, Ideal Nyala Jump/GP 17 1/2" MW in sala and Ideal Suzannah Dressage Saddle 16 1/2" MW in black. As with all our...

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2018….so far!

Well, I have to admit to having been a bit remiss in my posts so far this year! Having told myself off, let me bring you up to date! The UK has been our biggest source of customers so far this year, although "the rest of the world" has still accounted for over 50% of...

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Tall, long legged & riding very short!

If you are and do, for jumping and cross country then you might be interested to see this saddle. It was made for a young man in Ireland who is tall, very long in the leg and who likes to ride very short across country. This is a Walsall Riding Integra Monoflap made...

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Made in Britain

The August issue of Equestrian Trade News included a feature on Made in Britain and met some "major players" with reasons to celebrate being British. One of them was Ideal! ETN gave a brief history of the company which I summarise here. Founded in 1986, Ideal today...

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Black & White!

Black saddles with white piping and/or white stitching have been quite a thing this summer! This saddle, an Ozelle and made for a Spanish horse in France is in black Buffaloe with suede seat and pads with white stitching..... and this saddle, a H&C Wide Seat Jessica,...

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A Suzannah ready to go!

We have one 17 1/2" MW Black Suzannah Dressage Saddle, brand new, ready now and just listed in our special offers. No need to wait for it to be made!!!!

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The “Amy Saddle”!

This lovely saddle recently winged its way to USA! It was made for our customer, Amy and we just had to call it the "Amy saddle"! Amy sent us a photo of a saddle she had seen and asked if we could create a similar effect on a Suzannah. It is difficult to convey how...

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