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Lots of saddles built on a different tree!

Notable in the last few months has been the number of saddles built on a different tree…………Impala Pro on an H&C tree, Impala on GPX (Grandee) tree, Impala Pro on Gazelle tree, Working Hunter on GPX tree, Nyala on Jessica tree, Suzannah on Jessica tree and so on! The purpose being for the rider to have the saddle they want and the horse to have the tree it needs!

Amazing photo!

Amazing photo!

Just posted a new “Saddle Story” with this fab photo!

Desiree Maile Lavilla with Ulambo, sitting in his custom made Suzannah Monoflap Dressage saddle.







Been very busy!

I have been very remiss in my blogging of late! But, we have been very busy!!! Soon to be posted will be some great new “Saddle Stories”. So, watch this space!

New Year Lockdown Update

2021 begins amidst worrying Covid developments and further lockdown measures. But, Ideal remain in production and the “best estimate” of order timescale stays at 4-6 weeks. In recent months this has held good for the majority of orders and we expect and hope that it will remain good in the months to come. As you can imagine, managing production schedules whilst coping with possible staff sick leave and isolation requirements is not an easy or predictable task but so far so good!!!

We wish our customers and site visitors all the best for 2021. If you need a saddle, we’re here! We are specialists in fitting remotely.

Take care, stay safe, keep hopeful and press on!!!

Donation made to Hillside

Donation made to Hillside

Yes, today we sent a few hundred pounds to Hillside, the result of our fund raising efforts in honour of Sara & Alfie. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Alfie at home



Update…..the UK’s second “Lockdown” begins but there is some good news!

…..and the good news is that Ideal will remain in production. Timescale for making is the usual 4 – 6 weeks although in these difficult times we feel we must say that this is a best estimate.

Most importantly, we specialise in fitting “remotely” as we have been doing for all our overseas and distant UK customers over the years. Our process is described on this web site and we support our service with a full money back guarantee. In these difficult times, no fitting visits are needed!

So, if you need a saddle, look no further!!!!