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NEW from Ideal. Saddles with changeable gullets

NEW from Ideal. Saddles with changeable gullets

This new range, Technical & Traditional (T & T), comprises a dressage saddle, a mono flap XC/Jump, a twin flap jump and a GP.

Ideal bring their quality and technical/engineering expertise to adjustable saddle design. It’s all in the name! Ideal are ideal saddles! Their changeable gullet system is called the Ergonomic Gullet system. Ergonomic describes scientific study to improve comfort & effectiveness. QED!

Ideal T&T Adjustable Dressage Saddle


Ideal T&T Adjustable Monoflap XC Jump Saddle


Ideal T&T Adjustable Twinflap Jump Saddle






New Special Offers Posted!

New Special Offers Posted!

Yes, I’ve just posted five new special offers:

16 1/2″ XW Ideal Impala with Gazelle flaps & blocks in Military.

17″ Ideal Suzannah MW in a very dark, Dark Havannah!

17 1/2″ Ideal H & C Wide Seat XW Show Cut in Military.

17 1/2″ Ideal FWB XXW on a hooped tree in black with white stitching & piping.

17″ Ideal Nyala Jump/GP MW in black.

You’ll find all these saddles on our Offers page.


This is the Nyala…..

Ideal Ramsay on an H & C Tree

Having recently posted a “Saddle Story” from Tasmania with some lovely photos of two ponies who had Ramsays built on an H & C tree, I thought a few more words on the merits of this saddle/tree combination would be helpful!

To look at, you can’t tell the difference between a 100% Ramsay and one built on an H & C tree. They look the same and the differences are subtle, but significant. The Ramsay on the H & C tree offers a deeper, wider seat and unlike the pure Ramsay, can be used for prolonged periods. It is very comfortable for the horse/pony, is supportive for the rider and crucially accommodates judges!!!

Two very individual specs!

Two very individual specs!

….made for customers in UK! Just a couple of examples of what can be done!

Firstly an Ideal Gazelle for a big man and a big horse. This is a 19″, deepest seat version of this comfortable & secure saddle in black and finished with white piping & stitching and silver D rings & fittings. In addition, it has knee blocks on velcro, longer flaps than standard, deeper rear gussets, wider front leg gussets, reinforced point pockets and additional felt lining to the panel.

Ideal Gazelle “Designed to Order”





















Secondly. we have an Ideal Event Standard Seat, 17″ in London Tan with pale blue piping, including the stirrup leather keeper. This saddle has a comfort seat, narrower twist and slightly deeper seat than standard and is fitted with point & balance straps.

Ideal Event Standard Seat “Designed to Order”















Ramsay ready to go!

Ramsay ready to go!

Just posted a lovely Ramsay, 15″ W in Sala on our “Offers” page. Brand new, this Ramsay has hide covered flaps, suede seat, no knee rolls and is the deepest seat version of this classic show saddle.

15″ Ramsay with suede seat, hide covered flaps and no knee roll