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Ideal Nyala GP Saddle


“The Nyala is a super saddle” says Ian, “I sell alot of them”. The Nyala is a great general purpose saddle and for all jumping too. It is a hybrid of the two: jump and general purpose. It shares the same concept as the Suzannah dressage saddle in that it has big, broad panels to ensure good even weight distribution. Horses immediately go well in this saddle. Riders too find it wonderfully comfortable to sit in and the deep seat and large knee rolls keep them secure. The combination of rider comfort and the response from the horse makes the Nyala a very popular choice. Like the Suzannah, the Nyala suits many riders and a wide variety of type, shape and size of horse.

The Nyala General Purpose saddle is available in standard sizes 16″ through to 18″, in standard width fittings and in standard colours Black, Sala, Military or Ranch.

The Nyala GP Saddle is also available

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