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Ideal Grandee GP Saddle


The Grandee is a Deluxe General Purpose saddle. It has a “broad, armchair seat” says Ian, big blocks in a range of styles and for the rider, “it is very secure” adds Ian. It has a square cantle which gives a flatter seat and is a more forward cut GP saddle so can be used for jumping and hunting as well as general work and exercise. It comes with a choice of three different knee roll styles as standard. Ian feels this saddle is a bit of an unsung hero in the range! He has supplied and fitted it with great success for a variety of horses and riders and it is a secure, flexible, comfortable general purpose saddle. The Grandee, on the famous 286 tree, will also go very wide and is an option for the wide horse who doesn’t quite warrant an H & C tree.

The Grandee saddle is available in standard sizes 16″ through to 18″, in standard width fittings and in standard colours Black, Sala, Military or Ranch.

The Grandee GP Saddle is also available

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