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Ideal FWB GP Saddle (VSD Version Illustrated)


This saddle is a breakthrough for XXX wide horses! There has been nothing on the market like this before.

New to the Ideal range, this is a GP saddle designed upon a new hoop head tree to suit extremely wide horses. Together with broad, thin flocked panels this saddle will give you stability…..at last, we hear you say!

These unique saddles are made on a special tree, designed by Ideal, which is extra wide in the head so that the saddles fits over more of the breath of the wither. This saddle is the answer for wide cobs, natives and all horse and ponies with little or no wither and a very flat back.

Illustrated here is the VSD version with a straighter flap and panel.

The saddle can have any flap/block configuration you would like under the Designed to Order service. For example, if you wanted the saddle purely for showing you could have Ramsay style flaps.

The FWB GP is available in standard sizes 16 1/2″ through to 18″, in standard width fittings and in standard colours Black, Sala, Military or Ranch.

The Ideal FWB GP Saddle is also available

Designed to Order