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Ideal Suzannah Mono-flap Dressage Saddle


This is the mono-flap version of the best selling Suzannah …..and is equally successful!

It has all the benefits for the horse of the Suzannah: the bigger, broader panels & gussets for excellent weight distribution, the wide twist giving freedom for the horse’s spine,

For the rider, the mono-flap encourages a good position, as does the Suzannah but the twist feels and looks narrower and the overall “feel” is much closer. Perhaps most importantly, there is just one piece of leather between your leg and the horse.

This “leg on” closeness is further enhanced if you have the saddle flaps (& usually skirt) made up in Buffaloe. In a few minutes, the warmth from the horse and rider softens the Buffaloe which takes on a softness not usually associated with leather. The “feel” is almost as if there is nothing between your leg and the horse.

The Suzannah Monoflap is available in standard sizes 16 1/2″ through to 18″, in standard width fittings and in standard colours Black, Sala, Military or Ranch. You can have the saddle made up in leathers of your choice, as standard.


The Suzannah Mono-flap Dressage Saddle is also available

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